Studio Bon-Gah began its work in 2012. The Studio is a warehouse building of about 400 m2, in 2000 m2 place. It is located in Karasht in the north east of Tehran with an hour drive distance from downtown Tehran. The Building provides shared studio space and some rooms to host residents.
The Studio is interested in productivity, collective interactions and collaborations.
Bon-Gah is open to the artists based in Iran as well as international guests.

Eamonn Harnett
Nasrin Tork
Amir Askari

Amir Askari (b. 1991, Tehran) is a visual artist based in Tehran/ Frankfurt. He explores the history of art as visual narratives to find links between what is once called painting and what could be painting today. Trying to redefine painting by emphasizing on it as a progression rather than a traditional medium, he uses different mediums such as installation, ipad, printer and film. At the moment he studies painting at Städelschule in Frankfurt.


Ehsan Barati

Ehsan Barati (born 1982, Tehran) is a photographer and artist. He is more concentrated on landscapes and urban environments, which he reconsiders by de-contextualizing the subject and seeking abstraction as a concept.
His works has been exhibited in different venues over the past 10 years and he has curated a photo show in 2014.


Shahrzad Changalvaee

Shahrzad Changalvaee (born 1983, Tehran) is a multi-disciplinary artist. She has received her MFA in sculpture from Yale School of Art in 2015 and her BA from Tehran University School of Art in 2006. Her practice explores language, narration, reading and making as concepts for sculptural approaches in various mediums of installation, video, photography and performance. Her works has been vastly exhibited in the Middle East, Europe and South America. She currently lives and works between Tehran and New Haven, CT.


Christine Moldrickx
Afshin Chizari
Sara Shabanazad

Iranian multi-disciplinary artist, educator and researcher currently based in Tehran.
Working in areas related to consciousness, awareness and attention. Also interested in research related to conditioning, cultural diversity, education, transpersonal psychology, identity the feminine psyche and linguistic anthropology. Currently working with collage and mixed media exploring narratives related to the feminine psyche based on fairy tales and stories that result in healing both the practitioner and the viewer.
A fan of folk and outsider art, philosophies of the body and drawing,
Completed her MA in Sequential Design & Illustration from the University of Brighton  which she received working with artists such as Prof George Hardie, Margaret Huber, Graham Rawle and Karen Morgan.


Anita Esfandiari
Sareh Sadeghi Esfahlani
David Caille
Hedieh Ahmadi

Hedieh Ahmadi, (born 1987 in Tehran, Iran) holds a BA in Photography from Tehran University of Arts. Hedieh reconsiders the medium of photography through different outcomes such as photo-books, videos and installations. Her works investigate on relationships, domestic environments, time and memory. Since 2012, Hedieh has been working as a member of Bon-Gah publishing house and she is a current core member of Bon-Gah Studio.


Mahmoud Bakhshi