Our Persian Rug

HD 49&26mins. Color / B&W Persian with English subtitles 2010 Iran-Netherland
•    Writer, Producer ,Director: Massoud Bakhshi
•    Photography: M.Bakhshi, Mahmoud Mahrumi
•    Editing: Alimohammad Ghasemi
•    Sound: Behrouz Shahamat
•    Designer: Reza Abedini
•    Narrators: Ali Mosafa, Leila Hatami
•    Produced by: Bon Gah
The perplexing memories of a young man who can’t forget his past. At the center of this family history is a Persian rug that his grandmother once wove. Staring at this rug, he obsessively leafs through photo albums to see which of his family members are lying and which ones are telling the truth. In either case, no one is talking.
•    World Premiere: IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam), December 2010.
•    International and National competition, Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival. May 2011
•    International competition, Zagreb Dox Documentary Film Festival. February 2011.
•    International competition, Closing Film. Planet Doc Film Festival. May 2011. Nominated for the Magic Hour Award.

Bagh Dad Bar Ber

35mm. 12 mins. Color. Arabic With English Subtitles.Iran 2008
•    Produced and Directed by: Massoud Bakhshi
•    Screenplay: Massoud Bakhshi, Peyman Maadi
•    Photography: Alimohammad Ghasemi
•    Art Director: Mahmoud Bakhshi
•    Editor: Azad Jafarian
•    Sound: Frashid Faraji
•    Executive Producer: Farhad Babaee
•    Cast: Adnan Shahtalaee, Danesh Eghbashavi, Majed Neisi, Jamal Nanavar, Maysam Bakhshi, Hossein Khamseh, Pouria Fallah, Saleh Akbari, Javad Abedin, Farhad Babaee, Mehdi Khodaveici, Amir Alizadeh
•    Produced by: DEFC, BON GAH, Massoud Bakhshi
A Baghdad barber has to pay the price for what he most desires.
Best Fiction Prize in Tempere International Film Festival March 2009
•    World Premiere – 61st Locarno Inetrnational Film Festival. Leopards of Tomorrow competition.
•    International Competition, 38th ROTTERDAM International Film Festival, Short: As Long As It Takes, Netherlands, January 2009
•    International Competition of 31st CLERMONT FERRAND International Short Film Festival, France, February 2009
•    26th Miami International Film Festival, Shorts Competition, March 2009
•    17th Art Film International Festival, June, 2009 Slovak Republic. International Competition.
•    32 th Norwegian Short Film Festival ,July 2009 Norway. International Competition.
•    16th Granada International Short film Festival ,Oct.2009 Spain . International Competition.
•    13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival-July 2009 Int’l Competition, South Korea
•    8th Best of Short Films Festival Sep. 2009 Int’l Competition, France
•    7th Signes De Nuit short film festival, June 2009 Int’l Competition, France
•    VILLAGES IN SHORT MoliseCinema Film Festival 2009, August 2009. Int’l Competition, Italy

!Tehran Has No More Pomegranates

35mm. 68 mins. Color / B&W. Farsi With English Subtitles.Iran 2006
•    Produced,Written and Directed by: Massoud Bakhshi
•    Camera: Bayram Fazli
•    Sound:Behrouz Shahamat
•    Editing:Alimohamad Ghasemi
•    Music:Navid Afghah,Mohsen Namjou
•    Narrator:Nosrat Karimi
Tehran is a large village near the city of Rey, full of gardens and fruit trees. Its inhabitants live in anthill-like underground holes. The village’s several districts are constantly at war. Tehranis’ main occupations are theft and crime, though the king pretends they are subject to him. They grow excellent fruits, notably an excellent pomegranate, which is found only in Tehran.
Asar-o-Lblab, 1241 A.D.
Selected in more than 70 Int’l Film Festival.
•    Winner: Best Director, 11th House of Cinema Film Festival, 2007, Iran
•    Winner: Best Director, 25th Fajr Int. Film Festival, 2007, Iran
•    Winner: AVINI Prize for Best Documentary of the year 2007, Iran
•    Winner: Audience Award, CINEMA VERITE International Documentary Film Festival, 2007 Iran
•    Nominated for: Cinema Eye Award for Best Documentary Film, IFC,2009,USA
•    Best Documentary Prize; Bam Film Festivl,2010,Iran

•    Tehran Bureau