Works of Parviz Tanavoli – 4  /  Design Iman Rad  /  21 x 21 cm  /  120 pages  /  Bilingual  /  First Edition 2011

In my opinion the weavers of the pictorial rugs were well aware of the principles of the traditional rugs: they also knew that any strange, nontraditional elements first needed to be adapted for their rugs. They cleverly treated the human figure within the format of a traditional rug design. Whether these figures were based on an oil painting or a photograph, they all had first to be “purified.” The process of this purification included getting rid of the three-dimensionality created in paintings or photographs by shading, and they did this by the use of flat colors (without shading), geometricizing the forms in accordance with the rest of the rug designs, and incorporating some of their traditional motifs on the figures. In their overall compositions, too, they seldom neglected traditions, and always used borders and treated the figure as a central medallion, as much as possible.

In Studio: David Caille